12 Things You Should Know About Real Estate: Part 2

Written by Quincy Virgilio

May 3, 2021

Good first and lasting impressions are of the utmost importance when selling your home.  The next 3 items on my list for this week are all about how to achieve this. 

  • Curb appeal. 

Your home needs to look good on the outside so when your potential buyers step out of their car, they are entering with a positive view.  If their first impressions are bad, they will be looking for flaws as they walk through the front door.  Power-wash your driveway, wash the windows, touch up the outside paintwork, and if you have lighting at the front, make sure it all works.  Your full sun front yard may have been perfect for growing tomatoes, but lawn and some color in the beds, or maybe drought resistant landscaping is more aesthetically pleasing.  A seasoned real estate team will suggest what is needed and have the craftsmen on hand to make sure those first impressions work for you. 

  • Pet odor and clutter leave the longest lasting bad impressions. 

We’ve dealt with your potential buyers’ first impressions as they step out of their car.  Now let’s think about their first impressions as they step into your home.  When I do my first walk through a potential listing, I can usually tell immediately if pets live there.  Unless the carpets have just been cleaned and deodorized, all pet beds and toys removed and your pets are currently at the groomer, this is unavoidable.  We love our pets, but your potential buyers may not be cat or dog people or simply just not pet people.  Let them imagine for themselves which corners their pets will claim for their own, and don’t risk them being distracted from the beauty of your home by tripping on the squeaky fluffy duck that Fido left on the floor where he was last playing with it. 

  • Neutral paint and decor will always appeal to the masses. 

I mentioned in one of my points last week that a potential buyer needs to be able to imagine themselves living there.  For this, your home needs to be a blank canvas.  Most homes need a new coat of paint prior to listing so this is your perfect opportunity to create that blank canvas.  Your daughter may have loved the rose pink that you painted her bedroom, but your potential buyers only have boys.  Paint the walls a neutral color so they can picture their son’s favorite superman comforter on the bed.  When your real estate team recommends bringing in a stager, it’s not because they don’t appreciate your heirloom antiques and eclectic art collection; it is to help create that blank canvas so that anyone can imagine themselves living there. 

When you are making all these little changes you may think that you are not doing them for you.  This is where you are wrong.   You are doing them to increase the pool of potential buyers and therefore get the best possible price for you. 


That’s all for this week. Check in next week for the next 3 on my list.

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