12 Things You Should Know About Real Estate: Part 4

Written by Quincy Virgilio

May 17, 2021

Over the last 3 weeks, we’ve covered most of the bases for a successful outcome in listing your home for sale, but there are 3 final ones that should not be forgotten 

  • Happy Wife = Happy Life. 

This is an old saying that most people are familiar with.  In the sale and purchase of a home it works both ways.  When a couple is buying a home both partners need to find something they love or can see potential in when they are imagining themselves living there.  This comes back to neutrality.  If a home is overtly masculine or overtly feminine in its appearance, it is unlikely that both parties will walk away with a feeling of enthusiasm after viewing.  Take the advice of your real estate team and their stager who will help you achieve a good all-round appeal. 

  • Everything is negotiable. 

When negotiating the sale of a home, flexibility is key.  For instance, you own a spa that was not included in the sale price and were intending to take with you, but your potential purchaser is adamant that they want that spa and no other.  If it’s not an heirloom, it can be replaced.  Consider putting together a list of items in the home with an approximate value that you would consider selling.  It might just be the final icing on the cake that gets that great offer for you. 

  • When it’s priced right … it will sell! 

Not only will your real estate team have advised you and helped you with the steps to prepare your house for sale, but they will have studied all the comparable homes currently on the market and those that have recently sold in your area.  If they price yours too high, it won’t sell and they won’t get paid for all their work in helping you get prepared; if they price it too low, they will not be maximizing their fee potential.  Remember that you only do this every few years but they do it every day, so listen to their advice on what to list it at.  It is in both your and their interests to make sure that it is priced right and does sell. 

Watch this space next week for some more nuggets of wisdom to help you get the best out of this hot real estate market we find ourselves in right now. 

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