Steps To Take When A Loved One Has Passed Away

Written by Quincy Virgilio

March 1, 2019

There are many emotions that you will be dealing with during this difficult time, here are just a few of the more immediate items that you’ll want to take care of early on.

1. If the decedent (deceased person) has a Will you’ll want to record a copy with the County in which they died in.
2. If there is an Executor (Personal Representative) for the Estate of the deceased, be sure to notify them and the personal Attorney about the death.
3. As soon as the Executor (PR) can they should take an inventory of all personal belongings of the decedent to ensure that no items are removed from their residence. An itemized list will be very helpful when determining the value of the estate.
4. Request several certified copies of the Death Certificate to have on hand. These will be necessary when you are transferring title of a property, changing or updating Social Security benefits, filing a life insurance claim or closing bank and credit card accounts.
5. Have the decedents mail forwarded to the Executor or their next of Kin.
6. Notify all Banks & Credit Card Companies about the death in a timely manner, this helps to prevent any fraudulent activity and identity theft.
7. Unpaid or outstanding bills, notify the attorney and ask for guidance on how these bills should be handled.
8. Notify the life insurance company upon the death of the decedent, they’ll assist you with filing the claim. Be sure to have all the pertinent information on hand such as the policy number and the date of death.
9. If the decedent was a Veteran, in the Military and or a Civil Servant, be sure to determine eligibility of additonal benefits.
10. Most importantly, take time to take care of yourself and your loved ones. There is no time limit on the grieving process with the loss of a family member or close friend. Seek counseling if needed. There are many people you can reach out to for guidance, don’t be afraid to ask for any assistance you may need during this time.

We hope that these few tips will be helpful as you navigate through this difficult time.

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